I Might As Well Break It

Modernboys Moderngirls

“I Might As Well Break It”

Reviewed by Jessica Hilo


Toronto based Modernboys Moderngirls, an industrial protopunk machine of ever-changing gears and the product of careful calibration by its maker, Akira Alemany, released its debut album ironically titled “I Might As Well Break It.” The album reflects a change in the band’s formative sounds of punkish dance bash- like the voice of a 14 year old, MBMG gets deeper with maturity. “Break It” is quiet evidently informed by relentless study of everything early sixties- soul, rock, and punk most notably. The sound achieved on the album, however, does the work an injustice. Vocals are so lo fi they’re almost kitsch and improper balancing, at times, emphasizes the particularly unimaginative while muting talent in composition of its keys parts. Intriguing, departure tracks include “Miss My Baby Girl,” “On the Line,” “I Can Hardly Stand,” and “Stay Under;” a great front to back listen on a good pair of headphones.