Paul Bunion and Other Woodland Friends

There was a moment in the movie Juno when I realized stripper-turned-auteur Diablo Cody was skewing too far into idyllic fantasies than writing about what really happens in teen pregnancy. But who doesn’t love a duet between Ellen Page and Michael Cera—especially when a prophylactic is involved? Enter I Hate You, Just Kidding, Costa Mesa’s drawn comparison due to their stripped, autumnal, and acoustic sounds. Feathery vocals by Jessi Fulghum and Jeremy Brock have already garnered the band three nominations in this year’s Orange County Music Awards. Taking to the stage in accompaniment is Tall Tales and the Silver Lining, a wistful pop acoustic group from Ventura, CA. Tall Tales is Burt Bacharach meets the Velvet Underground (the Nico years) splashed with the hipster redeux of coastal folk music. This dreamy two-some is enough to suspend your disbelief and drink happily from the cup of make-believe. I Hate You and Tall Tales play with Matt Kollar and the Angry Mob this Sunday, June 27, at Proof Bar.