Pax Reagana

With the amount of 80s synth pop creeping back into daily downloads and popular television programming, I get the impression that while the world was moving onto grunge rock and hip hop in the late 80s and early 90s, Europe was halted abruptly by its fall. Finding new steam in return to a Pax Reagana, neon spandex and fight against socialism included, I wonder if what we’re listening to now are throwbacks and reinventions or old tunes in new, shoulder padded dressing.

“This is It,” hit from the late Michael Jackson, gained much media attention before the release of his movie of the same name. Unveiled to fans as a new track, what we found was a song repurposed from 1983. But the hit helped the soundtrack album reach #1 here and abroad; a good marketing ploy for Sony Epic and a handy environmental tip for the lot of us- don’t throw out your trash just yet; recycle, reduce, reuse.

This isn’t a new phenomenon to the music industry- what with the Beatles Anthologies and Past Master Volumes burning a hole into my wallet- but it certainly prompts the question: In an era of instant, global communication, where a person can be a child of any era, regardless of chronology or geographical accommodation, is a rise and fall in trends luxury or laziness?

Here’s a happy tune from Wolf Gang:

with remix here.

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